Each pie has a story to tell, click an image to open.

Chicken & Asparagus

Pete has re-captured this flavour from his childhood memory of his mum making chicken and asparagus mornay filled vol-au-vents for her Tupperware parties. There was always a polite one left for him... Love you Mum!

Cambodian Curry Chicken

A food lovers pie, the Cambodian Curry Chicken recipe was brought back to the bakery by Pete & Jennie after a recent trip through South East Asia. Pete was inspired by a local cooking class where he learned new spice combinations. Our curry is made from scratch!

Garlic Prawn

Who doesn’t love the combination of plump prawns, buttery cream sauce and fresh garlic. There are some secret herbs and spices in there too!

Snapper & Dill

The Jervis Bay area is known for its fine pink snapper and this pie is a tribute to a local favourite idea of natural sweet, creamy poached fish with freshly chopped dill.

Surf & Turf

The Surf & Turf is an Aussie sensation. Designed to replicate one of the nation's favourite pub meals we put our Garlic Prawns on top of our Braised Steak & Onion. Are you kidding me? Get in my belly!

Beer & Beef Cheeks

Our Beer & Beef Cheeks pie utilises chunky cuts of our region's finest cheeks, lovingly slow roasted for 3 hours with a dark ale. This is a beef pie with a twist as it is made on a red tomato based sauce as opposed to traditional gravy. A house favourite!

Braised Steak & Onion

The Braised Steak and Onion is our version of a traditional chunky beef gravy pie. Quality local cuts are braised to perfection by our specialist bakers and the caramelised onion adds a subtly sweet flavour profile that is sure to please any chunky pie eater. A bold and beefy crowd fave.

Massaman Beef Curry

A mild red curry with chilli flakes sprinkled on top, the Massaman is a chunky beef pie with a hint of sweetness. The people of Thailand are synonymous with the sweet & chilli peanut flavour combination and this is our salute to their genius!

Lamb’s Fry & Bacon

After perfecting this recipe by cooking it for Jennie on many a Sunday morning, Pete thought it was a no-brainer as a unique and interesting breakfast-style pie filling.

Cauliflower, Broc & Three Cheese (V)

No over thinking here...Fresh steamed vegies, vintage cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella...mmmmmmmmmmm.

Chickpea Pumpkin Curry (VG)

Designed by vegans, for vegans. This beautiful curry hits the spot with a mild chilli kick to warm your smiling cheeks. Tofutti sour cream sits in the middle waiting to blow your mind. You know you’re onto a winner when non-vegans love it too!

Satay Chicken

This is a powerhouse of flavour! Sliced thigh fillets and fresh steamed green beans in an authentic Thai coconut and chilli peanut Satay. Bam!

Chicken Parmigiana

Like the pub meal in a pie! They said we couldn’t do it, so we did it. A crumbed and fried chicken schnitzel with tomato and onion-based sauce topped with ham and stringy mozzarella cheese. What’s better than a pub parmy? A pub parmy encased in pastry!


So we were having a staff meeting at the pub and discussing how we had done the impossible with the Parmy Pie. A couple of beers and a big bowl of Nachos later...

Beef Cheese & Jalapeño

Can you handle the heat? Big juicy chunks of braised beef with sweet jalapeños, fresh chilli and onion topped with a cheese melt. Bring some tissues, you’re going to need them to wipe away the tears… or the drool!


A true Aussie breakfast pie. Think beef, bacon, cheese, tomato and a whole, local, Ridgehaven Farm free range egg cracked on top.



Classic Aussie Beef (GF option available)

Beef Cheese & Bacon

Beef & Mushroom

Beef & Green Peppercorn


Pizza Rounder

Gourmet Sausage Rolls

Peking Duck

Pork & Apple

Classic Sausage Rolls

Classic Beef Sausage Roll

Cheese & Bacon Sausage Roll

Spinach & Ricotta Roll (V)

Spicy Sweet Potato Roll (Vg)

Other Pastries

Cheesy Kransky

Sweet Chilli Kransky

Veggie Kwuffin (V)

Smoked Salmon & Dill Kwuffin

Brekky Kwuffin

cold cabinet

Assorted Sandwiches made fresh daily

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

Moroccan Flatbread



AVAILABLE ALL DAY, Dine-in or Take Away

Ricotta & Citrus Honey Toast

Toasted Sourdough and smooth Ricotta drizzled with Citrus Infused Honey (V)

House Made Muesli

Lightly spiced cinnamon and vanilla muesli with pepitas, toasted coconut and almonds, Mixed Berries, Coconut Yoghurt and choice of milk (V + VG Option)

Bacon & Egg Roll

Fried bacon, 2 whole local free range eggs and tasty cheese, toasted on a Turkish roll with your choice of sauce

Vegetarian Brekky Roll

Spiced roasted tomatoes, miso marinated mushrooms, fried egg, cheese and spiced mayonnaise toasted on a Turkish Roll (V)

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Freshly baked butter Croissant with shaved ham and tasty cheese toasted

Breakfast themed pastries

Gourmet Farmhouse Pie – Beef, Cheese, Bacon, Tomato and 1 whole cracked local free range egg

Brekky Kwuffin

Cherry tomatoes, bacon and Kranksy sausage in quiche mix baked inside our signature puff pastry


Hot Chips available

Cheesy Jalapeño Loaded Fries (V)

Buffalo Wings

Mozzarella Sticks with Tomato Relish (V)

Pumpkin Arancini Balls (Vg)

(COMING SOON) Hot Chips – Large/Small Plain or chicken salt



Add a protein to your salad to make it a meal, or have it as a side with one of our awesome pies!
See in store for our current seasonal salad selection


All our sweet goodies are supplied by local cake bakery; Decadence Cakes Gifts & Treats Nowra.





Long Black



Affogato (Espresso served over ice cream)

Tiny Latte (double shot in a 6oz cup)

Flat White




Chai Latte

Brewed leaf Chai Latte

Dirty Chai Latte (Sweet or Brewed)


A selection of in house bottled Iced Coffees (VG option available)

Iced Coffee (Served with cream and sugar)

Iced Chocolate

A selection of Japanese Iced Tea & Boba


Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Banana, Coconut, Cookies & Cream

SMOOTHIES - Made with real fruit and your choice of milk:

Power Breakfast – Apple, Banana, Peach & Date

Helena – Strawberry, Banana, Mango & Peach

Amazonian – Acai, Blueberry, Raspberry & Banana

Evergreen – Kiwi, Kale, Mango & Pineapple

Bahama – Mango, Passionfruit, Pineapple & Banana